Why are people still playing RuneScape in 2021?

RuneScape is an online multimedia game known for its role-playing functionality. This saga of online role-playing games was developed and published by the Jagex company. Somewhere in January 2001 it came into being, and since then people have become addicted to it. It seems that people are waiting for the Internet to shut down before they can finally stop playing it. Yes, people are so addicted!

Who doesn’t love to play role-playing games from the fantasy world? RuneScape is one of the best role-playing games out there. But that’s not the only reason people still play it. In this article, we explore why people are still playing RuneScape in 2020. You can read more about this game and the importance of the gold points osrs on winrsgold.com.

Multiplayer game

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The best part is how the players can interact with each other. Interaction is not limited to only online players but also to non-player characters in it. By non-player characters we of course mean characters controlled by the game itself. Players are however able to handle a lot of aspects of it.

A feeling of nostalgia

The gaming industry was the second best thing in 2001, when computers took over. With high school students being the biggest users of computers, the talent for playing video games only grew to sow its seeds. Maybe the RuneScape has become the start of everything we see amazing today in the online multiplayer gaming industry.

RuneScape was never designed to be a high graphics quality game, so everyone was able to play without having to upgrade their computer to play it. It has become a major hit with high school students and adults. It was easy to earn osrs gold points and keep playing, everyone fell victim to the incredibly addicting gameplay.

No direction

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It wasn’t story-based, so there wasn’t a defined set of conquests that could end after playing during the game. If you catch drift, there is no end of the game.

All you have to do is keep playing the game selecting how many skills you want to learn and keep going until you hit level 99 of each skill. You are free to choose the skills and goals you want and then continue in that direction.

This time there is a direction, but it is against you. The challenge is to make your character the master of all skills. But as we know, doing skills at 99 levels didn’t have to be easy. You can get involved by doing a lot of things in the game.

Skill range

We continue to talk about these skills, including striking, tailing, carpentry, firemaking, cooking, building, crafting, and herbalism. These skill sets will help you throughout the game. The fun fact about the business strategy involved was that out of 28 skills online players who played them for free could only master 17. The rest of the skills were subject to a small fee, which made the “osrs gold points”For that (if you catch up with me!).

Now the fun part is that it’s extremely difficult to explain this to anyone who has never played it about their addiction. The joke around town is that you can never really stop it. All you can do is take a break. However, some people may be able to take a 2-3 hour break. While for others, the breakup lasted more than ten years. But once you get back you can’t get away with it either.

There are many games that involve role playing, but they invite you to be part of their story and not the other way around. Even if a game has many possible endings and includes hundreds of hours of play, you will end up exploring it all. Games like The Witcher, Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey are all games with brilliant gameplay and side quests.

However, it is a completely different ball game for RuneScape. For those who have played RuneScape, it is almost impossible to be 99 in all skills. Even if you max out, you can’t have 200 million XP, RuneScape doesn’t stop there.

Endless game

No matter how many years you play it, there might be no end. It seems to be the giant black hole, which is difficult to escape due to the endless loops. No matter how much XP and what skills you gain over the years, you can always set another goal and keep going.

And by the way, if you haven’t dreamed of getting that perfect 99 in most of the skills on your goal list, give it some time. The dream will come soon. The hundreds of hours you play it will haunt you at night. You may earn points while sleeping or lose something valuable while dreaming about the game.

It’s horrible to wake up like this. And then you see that you were only dreaming and that there are a lot of levels left to reach the destination of your dreams.

Grinding characteristic

Now, some people love grind, and that might be the only reason people are still stuck playing it. People can play it through different types of accounts. Someone has created an Iron Man account in hardcore mode. This character is dead and is now disconnected from the game. That’s it.

Now, on the topic of grinding, there are some silly animations that will keep you hooked in the game. You might be thinking about it while you’re in class. You will continue to imagine everything on RuneScape. If this hasn’t started to happen to you, give it a little time. it will happen to you too!


It’s just a video game, so don’t forget to have fun. Don’t be afraid of losing XP. Start role-playing in a room full of gamers and do something weird. Choose to be more pure if you haven’t played that way and vice versa. Remember, this is a video game, and the best way to experience it all is to explore more possibilities with different characters.

There are players all over the world who have managed to play it solo rather than multiplayer. You can always take inspiration from others and start playing RuneScape from where you started.

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